Dr Williams’s Library Lecture and Seminar Series

All readers are invited to attend this year’s seminars and lectures at Dr Williams’s Library (Gordon Square, London), which will be as follows:

Wednesday 20th January, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Seminar: Philip Henry and the restoration of the Church of England, 1660-61. (David Wykes, Dr Williams’s Library)
Wednesday 17th February, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Lecture: Sion College for the dissenters? Library rivalry in early 18th-century London (Giles Mandelbrote, Lambeth Palace Library)
Wednesday 16th March, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Seminar: 
Theology and the Identity of Rational Dissent c.1770-1800 (Valerie Smith, University of Kent)
Wednesday 20th April, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Seminar: ‘Not a church, but a conventicle of schismatics’: Conformity and Nonconformity in the State Church of the 1650s (Rebecca Warren, University of Kent)
Wednesday 15th June, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Lecture: Samuel Fancourt: A Dissenter and his Public Circulating Library (Keith Manley, Institute of Historical Research, University of London)

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