‘Amsterdamnified!’ – A Web Resource

The ‘Amsterdamnified!’ project website is now available, containing an account of the project and a research blog: http://amsterdamnified.dutchdissenters.net/wp/

‘Amsterdamnified!’ is an SSHRC-funded research project (2015-2020). Its full title is ‘Religious Dissenters, Spiritualist Ideas and Urban Associationalism in the Emergence of the Early Enlightenment in England and the Low Countries, 1540-1700.’ The short title is derived from a 1641 pamphlet by the English poet John Taylor. The project is a collaboration between Gary Waite (PI), Mike Driedger (CI), Ruben Buys, Mirjam van Veen, Hans de Waardt, Kelsey Bodechon and David Wootton

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