‘An Extraordinary Call’: Conference on Methodist Women Preachers in Britain from c. 1740 to the present.

8-9 November 2019 at  Oxford Brookes University

This conference takes place in the year of the 350th anniversary of the birth of Susanna Wesley and will focus on the whole sweep of Methodist women preachers in Britain, from
Elizabeth Thomas and Sarah Perrin in 1741 exhorting or speaking in society meetings, to the 21st century, where women ordained ministers have numerical equality in Methodism, and look like supplying three Presidents of Conference in succession by the time the conference is held.

‘An Extraordinary Call’ refers to John Wesley’s defence of lay preachers’ ministry as well as that of women preachers. Featured speakers include the current Conference President, Michaela Youngson; Janice Holmes, Margaret Jones, Tim Macquiban, and Eryn White. This conference will complement the commemorative events at the University of Lincoln in July this year, and we hope that publication of most of the papers might follow, in 2020.

Register for the conference by contacting admin.ocmch@brookes.ac.uk.
To offer a paper, please contact Dr John Lenton john@jnandcslenton.plus.com or Dr Clive Norris cjpr_norris@hotmail.com

Colin Harris

PhD student at LERMA, Aix-en-Provence. Ministerial Puritan Diaries of the 17th Century. MA ACMA (Recherche) Aix Marseille Université. BA Cantab.

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