Catalogue of Sects

Updated 24 June 2014
Following my July post on the difficulty of finding a nice header for this new website, and after many attempts ranging from photographs of rural chapels to manuscript records, we have finally settled on the above and some readers have since asked that we identify the characters. From left to right are, an ‘Ante Scripturian’, a ‘Soule Sleeper’, an ‘Anabaptist’, a ‘Familist’, a ‘Seeker’ and… a ‘Divorcer’, beating his wife.
As you might have recognized, this is the cropped top tier of vignettes from the title-page of the 1647 broadside A Catalogue of the severall Sects and Opinions in England and other Nations With a briefe Rehearsall of their false and dangerous Tenents in the Thomason Collection, BL 669.f.10 [111].
 The first tier has a “Jesuit”, “One Evins a Welch-man (Arise Evans), an “Arminian”, an “Arian”, an “Adamite” and a “Libertin” breaking the tables of the Law, in the same aggressive posture as the Divorcer below him. 

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Anne Page

Anne Dunan-Page is Professor of early modern British studies at Aix-Marseille University

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