Richard L. Greaves Prize: Appointment of the Selection Committee

Did you know that since 2004, every three years, a research Prize in the memory of Richard L. Greaves is awarded by the international John Bunyan Society for a “for an outstanding book-length work of scholarship devoted to the history, literature, thought, practices and legacy of Anglophone Protestantism to 1700.”

This is wonderful opportunity to publicize work in the field among the public, so let your commissioning editors know that they can approach the selection committee.

The new selection committee has just been made public: it is chaired by N. H. Keeble (Stirling), with Ann Hugh (Keele) and Cynthia Wall (Virginia).

It will examine monograph and collective volumes published from January 2013 to January 2016 and the Prize will be presented at the 8th Triennal conference of the International John Bunyan Society in the summer 2016.

You can download the regulations and procedures  here  and get more information directly from the website of the IJBS,

Anne Page

Anne Dunan-Page is Professor of early modern British studies at Aix-Marseille University

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