Young researchers’ conference on dissent: Call For Papers

Displacement, Transgression and Dissent in France, Great Britain and the American Colonies (c.1600-1800)

A young researchers’ conference, Aix-Marseille University, Friday 20 and Saturday 21 March 2015

Guest speaker: Prof. Frank Lestringant (Paris-Sorbonne University)


One of the main consequences of the Reformation in Europe, and of colonial expansionism, was a transformation of religious, social and political thought at a time when Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler were revolutionising conceptions of the universe.

This conference sets out to examine norms and transgressions in relation to issues such as:

  • knowledge and science;
  • religious dissent and political radicalism;
  • the ontological status of man;
  • definitions of reason and forms of unreason, including melancholy and madness;
  • new discourses of body and mind, including those that shaped concepts of sexual behaviour deemed abnormal or contrary to Nature;
  • the emergence of a political sphere;
  • the beginnings of a public sphere

The aim of the conference will be to investigate how these and related issues were explored in literary and artistic forms, as for example in poetry, satirical pamphlets, travel writings and utopias, drama and theological or moral controversies.

Beinecke Flickr Laboratory CC-BY-2.0

Two page opening including sermon on Exodus 20.17
James Marshall and Marie Louise Osborn Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, Beinecke Flickr Laboratory CC-BY-2.0

 The conference is organized by Aix-Marseille University Research Centres on French Literature and on the Anglophone World and co-sponsored by two learned Societies, SEAA 17-18 (Anglophone World, 17th and 18th Centuries) and SFEDS (French Literature of the 18th Century).

Doctoral students and young researchers should send an abstract (250-500 words) and a short CV conjointly to the three organizers before 1 September 2015:

Prof. Anne Dunan-Page (,

Prof. Stéphane Lojkine (

Prof. Jean Viviès (

Interdisciplinary proposals that examine various forms of dissent and transgression (literary, theological, historical, philosophical…) will be particularly welcome.

Papers can be in either French or English and should focus on France and/or Great Britain and the American colonies in the period c.1600-1800.

Assistance with travel and/or accommodation costs may be available and a selection of papers will be published.


1. Prof. Anne Dunan-Page (Aix-Marseille, co-organiser)

2. Prof. Stéphane Lojkine (Aix-Marseille, co-organiser)

3. Prof. Jean Viviès (Aix-Marseille, co-organiser)

Advisory committee

 4. Prof. Ros Ballaster (Oxford)

5. Prof. Jacques Berchtold (Paris-Sorbonne)

6. Prof. Luc Borot (Montpellier)

7. Prof. Jean-Raymond Fanlo (Aix-Marseille)

8. Prof. Gérard Hugues, (Aix-Marseille)

9. Prof. Guyonne Leduc (Lille 3)

10. Prof. Sylvie Requemora (Aix-Marseille)

11. Dr Kate Tunstall (Oxford)

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Anne Page

Anne Dunan-Page is Professor of early modern British studies at Aix-Marseille University

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