Articles on Church records


12. Mark Burden, ‘Reformation Principles and the Puritan Church Books of the 1650s’ (Dissenting Experience, 26 September 2016)


Previous articles are available by following the links below:

1. Mark Burden, ‘What is a Dissenting Church Book?’ (Dissenting Experience, 7 September 2015)

2. Mark Burden, ‘Church Books and their Copies’ (Dissenting Experience, 5 October 2015)

3. Joel Halcomb, ‘ “Ranter” Women in Revolutionary Norwich’ (Dissenting Experience, 8 November 2015)

4. Mark Burden, ‘What Did Seventeenth-Century Dissenters Call Themselves? Evidence from Early Church Books’ (Dissenting Experience, 3 December 2015)

5. Mark Burden, ‘Lucy Hutchinson and Baptist Confessions of Faith’ (Dissenting Experience, 30 December 2015)

6. Mark Burden, ‘Sabbatarianism, Literary Form, and the Lothbury Square Church Book (1652-4)’ (Dissenting Experience, 12 February 2016)

7. Mark Burden, ‘Forgotten Voices from the Lothbury Square Church Book: Baptist Wives and their Jewish Christian Husbands’ (Dissenting Experience, 18 February 2016)

8. Mark Burden, ‘The Church Records of White’s Alley, London – (1) – Principles and Pastors’ (Dissenting Experience, 9 May 2016)

9. Mark Burden, ‘The Church Records of White’s Alley, London – (2) – Disciplinary Cases and the Interpretation of Non-Attendance Figures’ (Dissenting Experience, 12 June 2016)

10. Mark Burden, ‘The Church Records of White’s Alley, London – (3) – Appendix: Table of Disciplinary Cases’ (Dissenting Experience, 12 June 2016)

11. Rachel Adcock, ‘A Spur to Lukewarm Spirits: The “Proceedings Book of Meetings in East Devon, Chiefly at Loughwood, 1653-1795″‘ (Dissenting Experience, 19 September 2016)

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