10. The Church Records of White’s Alley, London – 3 – Appendix: Table of Disciplinary Cases (Mark Burden)

Please click on the link below to view a pdf table summarising the contents of approximately 900 disciplinary citations at White’s Alley Baptist Church, 1681-1714:

White’s Alley – Disciplinary Cases – Appendix

The table has been compiled by Mark Burden and is designed to accompany the two previous blog posts on ‘Principles and Practices’ and ‘The Interpretation of Non-Attendance Figures’.

Citation: This pdf is not to be reproduced in any form. If the information contained in the pdf is used for research purposes, it should be cited in the following manner: Mark Burden, ‘The Church Books of White’s Alley – (3) – Appendix: Table of Disciplinary Cases’ (2016), https://dissent.hypotheses.org/1923.

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