Category: Ministerial diaries


Edited Diaries

For my period (1640-1715) and geographical area (England and Wales), I have found editions of diaries published for ten different Puritan ministers: Minister Place Diary dates Edition Archer, Isaac Mildenhall, Suffolk 1659-1700 1994 Bilby, William Nottingham 1714-1717...


MS Diaries Found

I have located the manuscripts of diaries written by sixteen Puritan Ministers within my research period (1640-1715) and chosen area (England and Wales): Archer, Isaac of Mildenhall, Suffolk, 1659-1700 Bilby, William of Nottingham, 1714-1717 Chandler, Francis of...


Seeking Puritan Diaries

I am seeking the diaries of Puritan and Dissenting ministers from 1640 to 1715. Here is an extract from the diary of the preacher, John Westley of Whitchurch, Dorset, recorded as an ejected minister in Edmund Calamy’s...

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