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Dr Williams’s Library 2017 programme

Wednesday 22nd March, 2017 (5:15pm–6:45pm)

‘Behold, how great a fire a little matter kindleth!’: Dissenting Silver in the Collection of Dr Williams’s Library

Dr Helen Clifford, Curator of Swaledale Museum North Yorkshire

Thursday 4th May, 2017 (4:00pm–7:00pm)

Database Launch: GEMMS: The Gateway to Early Modern Manuscript Sermons

Professor Jeanne Shami, Regina

Dr Anne James, Regina

Booking required

Saturday 20th May, 2017 (10:00am–5:00pm)

Conference: Evangelicalism and Dissent

Robert Strivens (London Seminary), ‘Dissent and the Origins of the Evangelical Revival’

Martin Wellings (Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford), ‘Wesleyan Methodism and Dissent’

Timothy Larsen (Wheaton College, Illinois), ‘Congregationalists and Crucicentrism’

John Maiden (Open University), ‘The New Nonconformity’

Booking required

Wednesday 14th June, 2017 (5:15pm–6:45pm)

Professor Ann Hughes, Keele

Title to be announced.

Further details: conference@dwlib.co.uk

Dr Williams’s Library Lecture and Seminar Series

All readers are invited to attend this year’s seminars and lectures at Dr Williams’s Library (Gordon Square, London), which will be as follows:

Wednesday 20th January, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Seminar: Philip Henry and the restoration of the Church of England, 1660-61. (David Wykes, Dr Williams’s Library)
Wednesday 17th February, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Lecture: Sion College for the dissenters? Library rivalry in early 18th-century London (Giles Mandelbrote, Lambeth Palace Library)
Wednesday 16th March, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Seminar: 
Theology and the Identity of Rational Dissent c.1770-1800 (Valerie Smith, University of Kent)
Wednesday 20th April, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Seminar: ‘Not a church, but a conventicle of schismatics’: Conformity and Nonconformity in the State Church of the 1650s (Rebecca Warren, University of Kent)
Wednesday 15th June, 2016 5:15pm–6:45pm: Lecture: Samuel Fancourt: A Dissenter and his Public Circulating Library (Keith Manley, Institute of Historical Research, University of London)

Dissenting Experience, Experiencing Dissent: Registration

There are still a few places left for the first of our conferences at Dr Williams’s Library on Saturday 9 November 2013. You can download the complete programme here.

Speakers are: Michael Davies, Crawford Gribben, Ann Hughes, N. H. Keeble, Kathleen Lynch, Chad van Dixhoorn, and Elliot Vernon.

© Trustees of Dr Williams's Library
© Trustees of Dr Williams’s Library

These three one-day conferences, a partnership between the Aix-Marseille Research Centre on the English-Speaking World and Dr Williams’s Centre for Dissenting Studies will take place in early November, in 2013, 2014, and 2015. They  will explore the religious and social experiences of Independent and Baptist churches and their members during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Although the focus will remain primarily on what could be termed the ‘gathered churches’, the conferences will also offer opportunities to explore other aspects of the experience of dissent: from, for example, the perspective of Presbyterians and Quakers. This year is on “Ministers and their congregations”, while we’ll look at the “Variety of dissenting expression” next year with speakers on Church records, diaries, poetry, letters and entring books.

To register, send an e-mail to Anne Page with your title, affiliation, postal address and dietary requirements:  anne.page@univ-amu.frRegistration is free and a buffet lunch will be served at the Library.

Dissenting Academies Online: Virtual Library System (Dr Williams’s Centre for Dissenting Studies)

The Virtual Library System was relaunched in September 2013 with the addition of the Catalogue of the Library of the Lancashire Independent College, Manchester (1885) and details of the 2,500 surviving books from the Northern Congregational College, formed in 1958 from the amalgamation of Lancashire Independent College and Yorkshire United Independent College. The books, dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries, are unusually rich in provenance and evidence of use, both institutional and private, the latter including fascinating examples of the everyday reader–men and women who owned only a handful of books and whose annotations are the only evidence of their interaction with them. The VLS for the first time includes high resolution images of the title pages and marks of ownership for these books, which are held at The John Rylands Library, The University of Manchester. The details of the previous owners, both private and institutional, are included in the fully searchable database. For access and further information see: http://vls.english.qmul.ac.uk/

 The project ‘Private Books for Educational Use – the Formation of the Northern Congregational College Library’, funded by the AHRC, was directed by Professor Isabel Rivers (Queen Mary University of London) and Dr David Wykes (Dr Williams’s Library, London), and implemented by Dr Benjamin Bankhurst and Dr Rachel Eckersley, research assistants, and Dr Dmitri Iourinski, technical assistant, with the advice of Ed Potten (Cambridge University Library), principal consultant.